About PRMI Pensacola

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a national company, and the team at each of our local branches is committed to providing the highest level of service to members of the community.

Borrowers in the northwestern part of Florida turn to the PRMI branch in Pensacola for superior customer care and an easier time achieving their financing goals. You’ll be in good hands with our mortgage loan specialists.

Get Help from Specialists in Home Financing

Navigating the mortgage lending industry and coming out with the best home loan option is no easy undertaking on your own – so why not leave the job to a team of specialists?

The friendly and knowledgeable loan originators at PRMI Pensacola have streamlined the lending process, and we can sift through offers from numerous mortgage lenders to find the best fit for your particular financial situation. We’ll guide you through to closing, and we’re known for getting home loans approved and funded on time.

Get a Loan for Your Pensacola Dream Home

You deserve to own a home you love, and PRMI Pensacola is here to help make that happen.

Our extensive experience and large variety of lending options enable our loan originators to find home financing solutions – even for people who are convinced they’ll get never get an approval from a mortgage lender. With our help, your real estate dreams can come true.

At PRMI, we want you to achieve your financial goals. And rest assured, we’re ready to provide whatever mortgage loan assistance you may need.

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